2.5 Litre Relax+ Whistling Stove Top Kettle

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Colour: Silver
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Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle, ideal for the preparation of a nice cup of tea, coffee or delicious hot chocolate. With a 2.5 litre capacity, it boils up enough water for 8 to 10 cups. Great for serving the whole family or at a party.

Stainless steel
Warranty period: This item is guaranteed for 5 years from the date of purchase, provided it is used as per the care & use instructions and the original proof of purchase can be presented.

This guarantee does not apply to:
- Overheating, characterised by discolouration of the cookware, coating and/or the hob surface or flaking of the coating.
- Scratches caused by sharp, metal objects.
- Damage caused by normal wear and tear, negligence, improper use and/or use for commercial purposes.
- Damage caused by heavy impact or dropping the product.
- Use for something other than its intended purpose.
- Disassembled products.
- Corrosion caused by negligence.
- This means the item will be repaired free of charge or replaced if it is found to be defective due to faulty materials and/or manufacture or during household use.

In case of replacement, if the defective product is no longer available, Allinox / Brabantia reserves the right to replace the item with a similar product. In the unlikely event that a fault should occur, simply return this pan to the relevant store together with proof of purchase and packaging. Please also be sure to include a return address, description of the product defect, phone number, and any other information pertinent to the product’s return.

- Use chlorine cleansers or bleach.
- Use steel wool, sharp objects or scouring powder to remove stubborn bits of food, as these may scratch the surface.
- Add salt to cold water or leave very salty food standing in your cookware.
- Pour cold liquid into a hot utensil.
- Use this item in a microwave oven.

- 24.8 x 19.7 x 19.6cm


Before First Use

- Remove all paper and labels.
- If needed, the glue is easily removable by using Acetone or plain vegetable oil.
- Wash your new kettle in hot clear water.
- Rinse and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.
- Check the compatibility of your hob by checking the symbols displayed on the packaging or in the catalogue.

During Use

- Never pour cold liquid into a hot utensil.
- Do not overfill the kettle. Overfilling can cause boiling water to be forced out of the spout.
- The water level should always be below the spout on the inside of the kettle.
- Always point the spout away from you when heating water.
- Never allow your cookware to boil dry! If this happens, turn off the heat immediately and do not remove the cookware from the stove until it has cooled down.
- After the water boils, turn off the heat source and allow the kettle to stand for 15 seconds before flipping the whistle open (wearing an oven mitt) and then pouring the water.
- Always point the spout away from you when boiling water or opening the spout.
- Stainless steel tea kettles are compatible with all hob types, including induction.
- Place your cooking utensil in the centre of the hob, of which the diameter of the heat source is not larger than the diameter of the base of the cookware.
- Please be aware that the small base diameter of your tea kettle may be too small to suit your induction hob.
- Please note that under certain circumstances, noise may occur, which is due to the electromagnetic properties of the heat source and the cooking utensil.
- Ensure that the handle is in the upright position if it has a foldable handle.
- Always lift the kettle from the hob. Never drag or slide it, as this can damage both the cookware and the hob.
- Handles may get hot during use; oven gloves are recommended for safety reasons.
- For safety reasons, the kettle should never be left unattended when cooking.
- Steam escaping from the spout and/or lid can burn you.
- Do not open the lid (if applicable) until the water has cooled, or wear an oven glove to protect your hand.
- Do not leave any water or tea in the kettle for long periods.
- Do not scrub the kettle with abrasive pads or use any detergents.

After Use

- Always let cookware cool off before placing it in water.
- Cookware is dishwasher-safe, but washing by hand is recommended. Prolonged and frequent exposure to the dishwasher may affect the non-stick properties and appearance of the surface. This is considered normal wear and tear and is not covered by the guarantee.
- Some dishwashing detergents contain chemical products and/or salts that may affect the surface and cause irreversible discoloration and/or corrosion. This is considered normal wear and tear.
- In some cases, rainbow stains or small white dots may appear. These are a result of a combination of a thin film of food residues on the surface and a specific light reflection. These can easily be cleaned away by the use of vinegar or any kind of specialized cookware - cleaner.
- Always dry your cookware well after washing to avoid oxidation.
- Remove burnt-on foods by soaking them for a few minutes.
- If scrubbing is necessary, use a nylon pad with warm, soapy water or a non-abrasive silicate-based cleanser.
- If stacked, position a sheet of paper inside the pan to avoid scratches or damage, or use pan protectors.


- Ideal for the preparation of a nice cup of tea, coffee or delicious hot chocolate.
- With a 2.5L capacity, it boils up enough water for 8 to 10 cups. Great for serving the whole family or at a party.
- Whistling signal when the water is boiling.
- Ergonomic handle for a safe and comfortable grip.
- Easy to fill and to clean thanks to the wide removable lid.
- Suitable for all heat sources including induction.

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