It’s so much more than a house…it’s a home.

Where every little corner tells a story, the story of Sunday morning sleep-ins, freshly baked cookies, extra-long bubble baths, beautiful memories, quiet afternoons and larger than life celebrations. It’s the big, the small and everything in between. It’s the art of turning every moment into something magical. That’s why the Boardmans Collection has perfectly combined the best of style and function throughout every range to make sure that we can create something beautiful, together.

Boardmans was born in 1982 as South Africa’s original homestore and was revived by Retailability in 2023. Boardmans has continued to evolve and boasts an impressive range of tabletop, kitchenware and home décor offering including both new and exciting brands as well as those known and trusted over many years by customers.

Trust Boardmans, your home specialist store, to help you create an impression that lasts. Celebrate your world and get your home ready for any occasion with the best in kitchen, bedroom and bathroom brands. Visit our curated online store for the hottest seasonal trends, the widest range of international brands and great value.